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It's hard not to find something to photograph at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. On this particular afternoon, a light fog rolled through just as the sun began to set. I couldn't have asked for better conditions to provide this gorgeously diffused backlight. It played off of the moss in a way that outlined this tree perfectly.

Canon 5D Mark III
28mm · f/11.0 · 2.5s · ISO 100
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Wow! What a scene! =)

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Thanks! I took it at Silver Falls State Park here in Oregon. One of my favorite places in the world.

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love the feeling of this image!

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If you add a 4-5 sentence description to this I will make it Photo of the Day.


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Oh w00t! That's very kind of you, Rebecca! I just added a blurb about the conditions for taking this photo. I really appreciate the gesture!

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Amazing! Well done! Congratulations on POTD!

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I love this photo so much, I have it printed on metal! :)

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The lighting here is incredible! Everything is being lit just right. Nature is rad.

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Nature is most certainly rad. I -totally- lucked out because that fog was not there a few minutes prior and I was really worried that the light would be too harsh to get this particular exposure. Lady Nature felt generous that afternoon.

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This has been my favorite image of yours ever since I first saw it. Congrats son!

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Great, great, great image.

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thats insanely awesome!

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Insane man!

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Beautiful composition!

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Wonderful shot of an eery environment, very nice.

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Incredible depth in this photo. The fog adds so much dimension.

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there is so much life in this picture love the trees

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Love the moody feel of this most excellent image. Nice light and wonderful beauty.

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Amazing location