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The Panther

November 28, 2018
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Michael Wolfgram's picture

This is where i took my wife to. It is such a beautiful spot and relaxing. You knocked this out of the park.

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Thanks man!! But yeah this is most definitely a killer one to take a lady to which I’ve done a few times now including when I shot this photo actually. 👍🏽

Ali Alsulaiman's picture

love it! well done :)

Deleted Account's picture

Place is destroyed by fires

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Not the whole place, but yeah some jag offs tried burning the fallen trees up there on the upper tier and that caused some other stuff to burn up in the area. Luckily it’s was put out fast and did not burn down half the forest like what happen over in the Columbia River Gorge.

Ara H.'s picture

Love it! Amazing colors, composition and texture all adding so much depth to the image! Well done!

Allen Hammer's picture

The oversaturation of color and HDR post processing is not to my liking but is the flaover of the month. The exposures are great on this and I probably would have liked the original image before it was processed so extensively.

Deleted Account's picture

Really? There's nothing over-processed about this photo! :-/ Do you ever go into the forest in the morning or late afternoon?

Ramon Coloma's picture

Stunning picture!!

Love the moodiness of the place, great photo.

Ravi Putcha's picture

Oh man! you nailed it...this one has other worldly quality to it. 5 stars, no doubt!

David Pavlich's picture

This is such a pleasing shot!!