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Ayla Rose

April 11, 2019

Model Ayla Rose really stepped up and gave us some amazing poses during this shoot at Chatham Historic Dockyard where they filmed Les Mis

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Patrick Klein Meuleman's picture

Very nice color grade! This image is going straight into my inspiration folder!

Phil Cornwall's picture

So nice!

Vernon Nash's picture

Really strong: the lighting, background, pose and Dutch angle all contribute to a great image. Also, really appreciate your bts video with these shoots.

Na Griffin's picture

Admittedly, for a photography forum, this is nit picking to the extreme.... but -
Her passé foot is too loose and those pointe shoes are dangerously soft. I get she may not have wanted to use a new pair for concrete but the sh*tty old shoes break her line.
The light glare just above her head is brilliant, centring the photographs verticals on her leg rather than the architecture draws the viewer into the dancer... which is why broken, old pointe shoes were the wrong choice.

Randy Nicholson's picture

Very lovely image

Matias Jorquera's picture

Beautiful picture!