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Shannon Williams -WIP

Work in Progress.

This was a portfolio shoot that a few friends and I collaborated. Shot this in my living room. First am I the only one that doesn't have enough patience to retouch hair, or is this something that some of you suffer from, as well? I really hate retouching hair. I know how to retouch it for the most part, but would much rather try to have the MUA/Hair stylist get it as close as possible during the shoot. I guess that's the purist in me trying to hold on for dear life!

One light- Alienbees 800 with Octobox with baffle, camera left and above model.

Canon 5D MkIII
85mm · f/2.0 · 1/200 · ISO 50
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Lovely profile! love the eyes. ok with you for the hair. There is a little line with more contrast on the nose.

A beautiful capture and processing. Love her hand position and the shallow DOF. It adds to the image in my opinion. BTW, how does one learn to retouch hair? Keep in mind that I have much to learn.

I gotta laugh because the very second thing I noticed was the fly-away hair traversing down her ear lobe. So you don't like retouching hair? Thats OK, send your images to me and I'll do it for you. :-)
Now for the serious part, this is a beautiful portrait. The first thing that really caught my eye is the vibrance and contrast of the shot, then the awesome depth of field, the lighting, the pose, BRAVO for you! Don't you just love the 85MM?