Faded  by Rebecca Britt
May 13, 2016

Had a few friends over to experiment with some new lighting techniques and this is what resulted. She's not wearing any makeup in this shot. (Bare faced).

Model: George (Sara) Longoria

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Tim McBroome's picture

strange and edgy in a beautiful way

Greg Desiatov's picture

Love the final look!!

This is awesome what a babe

Torgeir Moen's picture

Whats the name of the font you use? Stunning capture

Rebecca Britt's picture

It's not a font. I had it commissioned and hand drawn.

Mikael Grahn's picture

The lightningsetup and the smoke really makes this picture pop-out. Så cool shot. Nicely done.

I'm also like smoke . I seem smoke is also a fashion .

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