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Sara Longoria - Adam & Eve shoot

So, I'm still fairly new to the concept of shooting any kind of boudoir or swimwear types of photoshoots, but I did have a lot of fun shooting some of the employees of Adam & Eve a few weeks back.

This image is of Sara Longoria | George Longoria (an awesome model who was on ANTM).
Shot on South Padre Island, Texas with a Canon 5DmkIII and Canon 17-40mm and an AB800 with silver beauty dish at full power. We did get hit by a rainshower during the shoot, so that made for some killer clouds. I'm always open to constructive criticism if anyone has any.

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"AB800 with silver beauty dish at full power."

ugh I'm definitely taking my lights outside because of this. Thank you! #inspired

So sexy this beautiful girl photo .

Here's constructive criticism : I have none :)
This is phenomenal.