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Sara Longoria

I recently had the pleasure of shooting Sara Longoria for the first time last weekend. Sara was a contestant on “America’s Next Top Model” (cycle 16) and has experience within the international modeling circuit. I’ve been wanting to shoot Sara for a few years now, but with scheduling conflicts and prior contractual agreements we’ve been unable to until now.

It was a last minute shoot in the middle of the night, and we basically were just goofing around. I think it’s important for photographers and other industry professionals to take a step back away from ‘work’ and just shoot for the fun of it. It’s those types of shoots that can churn out some of the best results I’ve learned. Sara was so much fun to work with and I really look forward to shooting with her again.

As far as the lighting I used some techniques from Clay Cook's article on simplifying light.

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EXCELLENT lighting.

wow excellent lighting indeed

Sweet sweet light, B&W gets my vote.

Ultra beautiful. Love both treatments.