Reborn by Eric Thiessen
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August 13, 2019


Mount. Rainer national park sure delivered with the alpine flowers this year! This is my first nightscape shot that I'm absolutely happy with the outcome. The clear skies hurt us a bit for sunsets, but made up for it with a few moonless nights and perfect stargazing conditions.
During blue hour I made my way to this spot that I scouted out the previous night and took a number of focus stacked shots with a fast shutter speed to get the flowers pin sharp. Thankfully there was no wind! When it got dark enough I hiked down and met my friends along the path and shot the stars (same direction) for the following hours! What surprised me the most was the amount of massive shooting stars we saw. Some stretched across the entire sky, and some were large enough to see the diffused trail they left behind. What a sight to see!

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