Misty Mornings by Eric Thiessen
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Misty Mornings

August 13, 2019

After shooting astro till 2:00am, we took a short 2 hour nap and then drove for an hour to this sweet spot featuring the Reflection Lakes, located in Glacier National Park. My buddies and I were amazed with the amount of mist the lake was producing, and better yet the mountain wasnt cloaked with cloud! It took a while for the sun to penetrate the fog, but when it did it sure created a pleasant atmosphere.

I was shocked that this particular spot wasnt more crowded as there were maybe 30 other photographers on location. Thing is, most of these photographers were not more than 2 feet apart from eachother trying to use the same bush as their foreground. Granted, the bush is very nice and I indeed shot it the next day when there weren't as many people, but not being able move around and constantly struggling to get a decent comp while there are 30 photographers standing all around you isnt landscape photography, at least in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy this pleasant morning shot of Mount Rainer!

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