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a pastoral fall

Contented sheep graze in this country image taken on a late fall afternoon, blended to create a painterly effect.

Careful selection was made during the blending of layers to preserve the desired detail in the background, which I feel is an important element to this scene.

Technical details;
Nikon D5500
25 images, selectively blended in Photoshop
1/800th sec @f8, ISO 400
Focal length = 18mm (cropped sensor)

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Sandra McCabe's picture

Well you've achieved a fine image because of attention to detail Alan. I admire your patience.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Sandra.

Mike Palmer's picture

Such simplicity and yet such depth.

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Thanks for your kind comment Mike - always appreciated!

Ruth Carll's picture

Yyyeeeeaaa! Well deserved!!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Ruth, to quote what you've said in the past "it's such a hoot!"

Liviu Velichi's picture

Would you mind telling us how you achieved this effect?

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No problem Liviu. I used a technique developed by Pep Ventosa. This involves taking multiple images around a subject then blending in Photoshop as layers.

This is part of a project I have been working on, and one of the better results.
You can see others I have worked on at my website - if you select an image it will enlarge and provide technical details.


I am still learning the process, so would love to hear feedback (from the site) on any you may enjoy.

Dora Artemiadi's picture

Hi Alan . I just noticed your work with the creative camera movement and I loved it! Really creative art! Gives you the feeling of a painting . Amazing work!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks so much for your kind words Dora. It’s fun experimenting and through many failures I feel I am learning a lot.

Joe Scalise's picture

Magnificent work Alan, congrats as well, well deserved.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Joe, your kind words mean a lot to me.

tabletop's picture

This is very unique!

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Adrian!