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Blue Throated Hummingbird as Ballet Dance in Tutu

Or, he could be a badminton birdie. This somewhat rare bird is a habitual visitor at Cave Creek, especially Sunny Flats Campground, near Portal, arizona, which is near Rodeo, NM. Taken with high speed flash to stop wing blur, and a white cardboard background to compose on the bird, the whole bird, and nothing but the bird. I have taken thousands of hummingbird photos, and never seen a pose like this before or since.

Canon 5D
100mm · f/22.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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I love the effect of the flash and white background. Likewise I have never seen such a pose

Thank you. It is very difficult to provide a background that is natural when using high speed flash. The background tends to be black, unless it is very close to the bird, like less than a foot behind it. It is very difficult to have a simple pleasing background. The cardboard background solves that problem, and puts the emphasis solely on the bird itself, which is sensible.

Gregory, there’s a thought combining badminton with darts. But seriously folks/Gregory super images!