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Val di Funes

Funes is a small municipality in the province of Bolzano that groups three idyllic villages: Tiso, San Pietro and Santa Maddalena. It is accessed from Bressanone (20 km), a Tyrolean-looking town

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I'm so divided on this shot. I love it, but then I wish there was more emphasis on the village once my eye moves to it. Maybe it's the bokeh-filled foreground that I find distracting.

Killer shot though, you've made an awesome photo in what I find to be difficult lighting.

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Thank you bro :)

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Oh, man! World class, José! Seriously!
I think that the exposure on the village is just right - and the bokeh really adds up to this image. The rainbow and the cloudy sky are just wonderful. This image just makes me wanna be there. Again, great work!

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it's NICE.

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This just blows my mind and fills it with stories all at once. Such wonderful work.

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thank you teresa :D

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Buah!!! Ya me estaba encantando y sn haber visto el arcoiris.

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Great capture!