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Lagos de Covadonga Neowise

July 23, 2020

The set of Covadonga lakes (called Llagos de Cuadonga or Llagos d'Enol in Asturian consists of two small lakes, the Enol and the Ercina of glacial origin are located in the Asturian part of the Los Picos de Europa, in the western massif of this mountain range. There is a third lake, the Bricial, which only has water during the thaw, but it also belongs to the group.1 In Asturias they are known simply as the lakes.

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holy smokes my friend, that is some hot stuff you're presenting. I loved it there so much, it was one of my best trips last year ! the comet is the tip of the iceberg !

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menuda pasada de arco, y ya el neowise pone la guinda al pastel. Brutal

José D. Riquelme's picture

jajaj gracias podría pegarme el pegote de que fui a propósito a por esta foto y tal y tal , pero qué coño... me la encontré de potra xD

Unai Larraya's picture

jajajaja, la verdad que muchas veces los mejores fotones los consigues sin darte cuenta

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Vaya fotón crack, se sale

Allan Aasland's picture

This is just stunning!

Ricardo Gayan's picture

Congrats mate. Great!!!

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VERY impressive work on the computer! If only that scene could really exist.

José D. Riquelme's picture

thank you ! of course it exists, you can see it