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Mesa Sunrise

You walk through the darkness, you know fate, you've been there already, but it's still early, that moment has not yet come; meanwhile, the stars are the only witness of your steps and the moon escapes over the horizon having fulfilled its mission during the last night.
You arrive, you already knew where you were going to situate yourself, where you were going to observe, where you would be the spectator and witness on this occasion. The night recedes, giving way to the first colors of dawn and with them the cold becomes a memory; in the background, on the horizon, a new star appears, you know it, it is the same one that has taken you out of the darkness, the same that has turned night into day and that with its rays provides you with a comforting warmth.
A few minutes pass, the show has come to an end, a new day begins, and with it a new adventure, which you still have the opportunity to write.

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Brutal Hugo!! Estas que te sales tío!

que foton tio ,muy buena colega


Una pasada

Espectacular Hugo,menudo arsenal tienes

Pasote tio!

Vaya sobrada

Menuda fotaza mamonazo !!!!!