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Oregon´s Night

In the last month of May, and for more than a month, we are dedicated to touring, knowing and photographing the American West, starting with the well-known and visited area that includes the deserts and attracts so many tourists throughout the year to end in the states of Washington and Oregon, where I could meet in first person some places that I could be photographing day after day and I may never get tired of it.
I start by teaching a little of the work I do for this country in my last trip, and with a night and a milk route that I could do in this place, where both at dusk and at night, I found myself only taking photos.

14mm · f/2.8 · 581s · ISO 400
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vaya foton colega, este confinamiento esta haciendo mella ehh


Impresionante Hugo

Muy guapa tio

Vaya pasada, me encanta esa via con tonos frios

Otro foton Hugo!! Brutal tío!

un procesado muy acertado. brutal!

This is amazing

Buah, pedazo de fotón Hugo!

Que maravilla tio!!

preciosa, de encanto. Enhorabuena :)


Cool shot .

Very good shot!

Looks like a luminar sky replacement to me.

great work!