The Clearing Mist at Whitewell by David Russell
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The Clearing Mist at Whitewell

June 3, 2020

Potentially my all time personal favourite image, taken in my favourite location on earth. Just a few miles from my home here in the Scottish Highlands is a small hillside that rises above the Caledonian Forest (what remains of Scotland's ancient woodland). The hill offers a remarkable view towards the Cairngorm mountains, but we call them hills here in Scotland. I have spent a decade exploring and photographing this place in every season, ever weather, every time of day. I've made literally thousands of visits there and produced hundreds of thousands of images, deepening my knowledge and experience with every one. But this was perhaps the single most beautiful moment I've had the privilege to enjoy in this remarkable little piece of the world.

At the time I took this, I was meanwhile flying my drone so had little concentration to spare. It was literally a one handed, over-the-shoulder snap as the mist began to clear away from the hillside and down into the forest, and I didn't give it much thought at the time. But, when I took it home, I realised that I had something that to me was very special.

This is why I love landscape photography; because it drives you to have beauty in your life, and to seek out moments like this which may otherwise go unmarked and unnoticed.

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Chris Jablonski's picture

And I can see why it's such a favourite of yours, David! Gorgeous atmosphere. I just want to be there, and breathe in the fragrance in the air.

You illustrate with this image the value of photographing an area you know well, rather than always seeking novelty (Iceland, anyone?).

Your familiarity - and your compositional skill - no doubt helped with the Zen moment of this spontaneous capture. Great job!

David Russell's picture

Thanks Chris, greatly appreciate the compliment :)