Amsterdam by the Night !

A re-edit of an old image from a night out at Amsterdam. A really long exposure merged with a shorter exposure for controlling the highlights.

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Congrats, this is excellent!!!

Thomas thanks so much ....

Great capture!

Gregory thanks :)

The picture IQ itself is amazing, and so is subject content. The wide foreground leads the viewer further down the water Chanel to where the buildings block the view to go any further. The window lights are also interesting, and I’m looking at each one; different colors, the window frames, and various other points of interest. Finally...

How the buildings were built, if the water was there at the time; probably was dry. Why the buildings don’t leak. Or are they moldy.

This picture has many stories. It isn’t just a photo.

Trent thanks so much for drawing out all the stories in this picture. All I remember is that it was bitterly cold and I needed a hot cognac after this shot, in a pub right next to this spot ...

Really awesome shot my friend

Muchas Gracias Amigo :)