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November 17, 2020

A powerful November storm hitting the west coast of Vancouver Island. I seized the opportunity and visited one of the Lighthouses along the Juan de Fuca Strait. Upon arrival, the skies were relatively clear. However, in a matter of minutes, the gale-force winds pushed a dark hail storm overhead, which completely transformed the landscape. I knew that I had another 40 minutes before sunset, so I stuck around on top of a buttress that overlooked the lighthouse and the ocean. A normal person would think that it would be a miserable experience; however, I felt more alive than ever hunkered down along rocky shores while bombarded by heavy winds and waves—all for the pursuit of that one shot.
After 20 minutes of suffering through the weather, the sun burst through a small gap in the clouds and illuminated the landscape. I quickly fired off multiple images of the beautiful light, which didn't last longer than 30 seconds. Was the suffering worth it? Absolutely.
Thanks for reading!

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Just fantastic mate! I was in Ucluelet during the same storm front and also got some shots from the coastline, was a day to remember for sure!

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A great shot and a well written back story. Thank you for shring it here.

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Superb image buddy! well worth the effort!

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Stunning shot, Eric, and great job on the edit.