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You'll Never Walk Alone

A portrait of my father-in-law, my favourite portrait I've ever taken. I've always thought he has a really expressive face, so I forced him to sit for me! The lighting here was quite simple; there was a Godox AD200 inside a beauty dish acting as key (on camera left) and a Godox AD600 inside a para-deep umbrella acting as fill (basically behind me as I shot). With the edit, I focused more on bringing up contrast than anything else; I didn't do any blemish removal, I thought it would take away from the image.

Nikon D850
50mm · f/11 · 1/200 · ISO 64
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Really love this shot, Jack (in all three places I've seen it now. :) )

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Haha, thanks Emily, sorry for spamming you!

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Haha, nope! I'm happy to see it, and I totally understand. ;)

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Thank you very much!

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Brilliant capture. I love the lighting, his expression of uncertainty and your retouch....suberb!

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Thank you so much, Mary! Appreciate the kind words

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I can see why it's your all-time favourite portrait, Jack. Great job! Congratulations on POTD. Well deserved.

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Ah thanks a million Chris, that means alot!

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Really appreciate that Rob, thanks!

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Thank you so much Levente!

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The tone is... just perfect. If I would look at the histogram in PS, I'm sure it will have those nice highly sought after smooth left-ramp you "only" get on scans. Not that it matters, because it IS perfect, but those small traces of dodge&burn around his shoulders and chin reveal the trace of post. But I don't mind. It's a well-done craftmanship with A LOT of fingertip feeling! 5/5

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Thank you so much for the detailed feedback David. I'll try to be a little less heavy handed in the retouching, I didn't even notice!