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Folaldafoss or Foals Waterfall is one of the multiple waterfalls that you can find along the Berufjarðará river. It´s the lowermost waterfall as well as the most accessible and prettiest. The falls occur as the stream is squeezed through a narrow gap between basaltic rocks that are prominent alongside the valley, causing the stream which otherwise flows southeast to bend suddenly almost due north. As the stream is redirected it funnels through this gap and drops almost 17 meters (54 feet) into a small blue pool at its base.
Falls are located right next to the route 939 called Axarvegur (Öxi). This road runs from Berufjörður to Skriðdalur and connects to the ring road at both ends. Despite criticism from environmental agencies, there has been a number of improvements made to the road in order to classify it as a year-round road.

Folaldafoss, Iceland
Nikon D810, Irix 11mm


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