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DNI Tango School

I took this shot in 2011 when I was myself a tango student . Of coarse I took several shots but this one was the best . Maybe you got to be a tango dancer to understand. Tango is unlike any other dance in its skill and closeness. This was the image that reflects most closely what tango is: close, intimate, graceful connection. This connection between two strangers beyond age difference, language, race. It goes beyond. Look closely : you can see the magic in this couple as she is gracefully led into a "boleo". The intimacy of the setting, the light and shadows : like peeking through a window into the privacy of this 3 minute romance. This is EXACTLY the image that I wanted.The "escuelita" de Tango named DNI,( Buenos Aires Argentina). A wonderful Tango school created by the talented artist Dana Frigoli in the early 2000s.
This morning photo was taken from a distance through a window ease dropping into the intimacy of tango practice.
Sadly, the devastation of the COVID world pandemic has forced its doors to close forever.

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