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Several years ago, the town of Haddonfield, New Jersey, turned a small downtown park into a children-focused sculpture garden with a collection of small animal figures. It was called the Children's Zoo but was not well known in the local community. The organizers went on a hunt for some very large animal figure that bring greater attention and press coverage to the site. They finally located an affordable used 15-foot-high giraffe in Vietnam and had it shipped to New Jersey. But its placement at the front of the park put it in the deep shade of old growth trees, making it difficult to photograph without burning out the background foliage. Infrared solved that problem and also created a fantasy-like image in keeping with the nature of the park itself.

IR converted Olympus EM 10 MkII equivalent 720nm
24mm · f/7.1 · 1/320 · ISO 320
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