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Alone Desert

Perhaps one of the places that has impressed me the most in 2023 has been Egypt. Everyone thinks about its pyramids, its mummies, its history, Cairo, Giza, Luxor and that entire area full of history and culture that does not escape the hordes of tourists. But just over 3 hours from Cairo is the White Desert, a place away from everything, from people, from tourists, from hordes of people, where you can be alone in an incredible place taking photos.
In 2021, a photo of this place was what made me say "One day I have to go there"..... it only took me two years, and I am sure I will return.
If you want to explore the White Desert with us, send me a private message!!!!!

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Beautiful. Love the vehicle for scale
Is this a drone photo?

Thanks Anton

Drones in Egypt are forbidden; this image was taken going up in a hill