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A (sun) Star under the old Bridge

Our day started at approx 4:15am, me and my partner got up early, packed our stuff and took the car for a relatively short, yet full of hairpin turns, with the heavy morning fog limiting our viewing distance to less than 3m! it took us almost 2 hours to cover 35km of road trip. Thankfully, the morning sun started to rise from the east side of the bridge's background, giving us the opportunity to capture a nice sunstar under the bridge!

18mm · f/11.0 · 1/50s · ISO 100
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cool one !!!

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Thanks bro!

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great shot, love it

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Thank you very much Henry!

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Love this shot. Great composition

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Thank you very much Lloyd, it was one of the two shots from that lengthy road trip to make the whole trip worth it.
The rest of the places were full if litter and distractions.

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nice one!!! You shot this in europe?

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Hello Wouter,

Yes this was shot in Europe, Greece to be specific.
It's in the state called "Epirus" inside the region known as "Zagorohoria" with the most known village called "Papingo"

This one is called "Kokkori Bridge".

The Epirus area is full of marvelous natural landscapes, meadows and fields, hills and mountains, and of course, the amazing Alpine Lakes on top of Mount Timfi called "DragonLakes", I've got quite a few shots from this amazing region for landscape photography here in my profile ;)