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The Toll it Takes

August 6, 2015

This is a portrait of a friend of mine. His name is Jake and he served as a Recon Marine in Afghanistan, where he was regularly embedded deep behind enemy lines.

70mm · f/8.0 · 1/200s · ISO 50
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Anonymous's picture

So powerful! Really nice work :)

Anonymous's picture

cool !

Victor Nenartavis's picture

Great shot bro' !

Graham Perkins's picture

There is a great feel to this image. Really good work

Mikkel Walle's picture

love the tonality and theme

Brian Reed's picture

BEYOND AWESOME. This is truly powerful and inspirational!!!

Brandon Adam's picture

Thank you, Brian!

Kristijan Tomić's picture

strong feelings, awesome light, cool colours. I love it.

Andrea Santamaria's picture

Excellent work! Congrats

Mike Patrick's picture

Very well done!

Greg Desiatov's picture

Love the mood

Gustavo Franco's picture

really beautiful light! nice!!

Sky Warner's picture

Great picture. Inspirational. Emotional.

On behalf of my myself and my family, please thank Jake for his service.

Brandon Adam's picture

Thank you! Will do.

Neil Holloman's picture

This is bad ass to the max. I actually went and logged in to post this comment. Love the color treatment. It very much matches the feel of the subject. One wouldn't expect a photograph of this subject matter to be "light and airy, bold and saturated, etc.." You nailed it and captured that worn, weathered feel that you would expect.

Brandon Adam's picture

Thank you, Neil! I appreciate that!

Daniel Hollister's picture

Wow that is amazing.

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