10 Helpful Tips for Working With Actions in Photoshop in Just Two Minutes

If you spend any amount of time working in Photoshop and particularly if you perform the same tasks over and over, it is well worth learning about actions, as they can greatly increase both the consistency and efficiency of your workflow. Whether you are new to actions or a seasoned user, this fantastic video tutorial will give you 10 tips for working with them in just two minutes. 

Coming to you from the official Adobe Photoshop team, this great video tutorial discusses 10 tips for working with actions in Photoshop. Actions are so useful because they allow you to save any set of editing steps into a routine that you can then run again in a completely automated fashion. For example, I have a portrait editing action for whenever I am retouching. It quickly sets up all my layers and groups them properly, adds all adjustments I will want to tweak, and more. Instead of having to set up the same 20 or so layers every time and make sure I have dialed in the correct settings to maintain consistency, I just press my portrait action once and out pops everything I need. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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