Australian Prime Minister Mocked for Photoshop Fail That Gave Him Two Left Feet

Australian Prime Minister Mocked for Photoshop Fail That Gave Him Two Left Feet

As we have learned from many a celebrity faux pas, nobody is immune from a Photoshop fail. The latest victim is none other than Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, whose official website published an image showing him with two left feet. He’s now responded after becoming the subject of ridicule online.

It turns out the digital team at the Australian government weren’t huge fans of the casual, dirtied trainers Morrison was wearing for the shoot. Taking matters into their own hands, they decided to instead Photoshop a squeaky-clean white pair on his feet instead. The problem is that besides looking fake, he’s also rocking two left feet.

Of course, the images spread like wildfire across social media, become instant memes. Posting a photo of Morrison with Trump, one user trolled the incident with a "Fake News, Fake Shoes" caption.

The PM’s spokesperson clarified the shoe alteration wasn’t at the request of Morrison himself, but rather his team. Posting a lightheartedly reply in which he also Tweeted a close-up of his original choice of trainers, he wrote: “I didn’t ask for the shoeshine, but if you must Photoshop, please focus on the hair (lack thereof), not the feet!” 

Of course, the internet wasn’t done, as a new round of memes followed.

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Alex Cooke's picture

I bet he's a terrible dancer.

Carl Murray's picture

He's a pretty terrible politician to boot, to be honest.

Rob Mitchell's picture

The rest of it is horribly processed too.

Tony Clark's picture

You would think the PM would have picked a suitable photographer, perhaps one more technically proficient. A decent Stylist would have helped also.

Rob Mynard's picture

That would mean that a government who cut arts funding would need to actually pay an artist.

Carl Murray's picture

Have you been to Australia? The politics here are ass-backwards.

Rod Kestel's picture

Oh cringe, this bloke is my PM. Listen, we in Oz really do know how to take a photo and use photoshop. Honest.
(where's that hole, I need to hide...)

Carl Murray's picture

Everytime I see an Australian political headline I'm like "oh geez what atrocity has happened to make me embarrassed for my country now?"

marven yang's picture

The shoes seems good