How to Create Seamless Cinemagraphs Using Photoshop

Cinemagraphs may not be new but they seem to be popping up more and more as mobile media plays a larger roll in content creation. There are lots of ways to make them using various software and even a few dedicated mobile apps. However, if you want to make one with just a video clip and Photoshop, YouTuber Peter McKinnon's latest video makes it quick and simple.

Lately I have started including extra content shot specifically while on assignment for clients to use on social media for marketing. Unexpectedly I have been getting asked if I can also provide cinemagraphs. This is not something I ever thought about creating for client use, but if Im already shooting some stills and video content specifically for Instagram use then this seems like an easy addition.

Are cinemagraphs something you are offering clients or is it just a passing gimmick? Post in the comments what you've created and if they are something your clients are asking for.

Check out Peter McKinnon's YouTube channel for a lot more great videos and tutorials on photo and video.

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Simon Patterson's picture

This explanation is uncannily similar to Phlearn's from a couple of years ago. It's like he's taken notes of the steps Aaron Nace outlined in his video and repeated them virtually word for word here.

Rob Durston's picture

There are a few ways to make a cinemagraph and this is the easiest way. He's not copying what Aaron said, he's simply reciting the simple way to do it. He does do a few extra steps in the middle that seem to be easier done later in the process but hey, he's out there doing this so kudos to him for doing it.Here's a recent blog post on them

Larry Mockus's picture

Simon, I came here to post what you've just said :)

Brian Harwood's picture

your video and description are VERY well done... thanks for the instruction!