How to Quickly Remove Any Color Cast in Photoshop

One of the most common issues that can destroy an otherwise good photo is a color cast. This short video demonstrates an easy way to salvage your image and remove any color cast, tint, or stain from an image.

As a wedding photographer, I am constantly up against color casts. They can come from colorful walls, artificial lights, or tinted windows; three things that are common in churches and reception venues. At my most recent wedding, the multiple color stage lights during the ceremony gave off a different color to each person in the wedding party. These color casts are an issue that every photographer will have to deal with, and the method outlined in this video is the one that I’ve found to be most efficient to fix it.

In this tutorial from PiXimperfect, Unmesh Dinda explains in one minute a simple way of correcting color casts. Basically, he targets the color in the image and adjusts the hue and saturation to match the rest of the area. In the example he uses, Dinda is able to remove a terrible red stain from a print in only a few short steps.

This skill is useful for several photography needs, from fixing skin tones to repairing a damaged print. It is one of the most common things I do in Photoshop and is an essential skill to learn. To see Dinda perform this technique, check out the video above.

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Your tutorials are amazing and straight to the point, but please, please - slow down. Did you ever try to follow your own instructions? It's very challenging to keep up as you speak so fast. It almost makes listening it unusable.