Super Dad Transforms His Daughter Into Wonder Woman With The Power Of Photography

With Halloween fast approaching, people are either revealing the costumes they've been prepping for the past year since the last Halloween, or they're scrambling to figure out what they're going to be. However for one dad, with a custom hand made leather outfit, some know how, and a team of assistants, this Super Dad gave his 3-year-old daughter a Super Makeover. Inspired by the upcoming Wonder Woman Movie with Gal Gadot, he used some very clever photo manipulation to create the photo series. 

With a League of Assistants including a stylist and a few other assistants, utilizing an assortment of tricks and techniques, they were able to create the base images needed in order to create the finished images. Using foam core to fan up the young starlets hair, and even suspending her in some action packed poses by holding her up in the air. While it looks comical and adorable, watching his post production though it makes perfect sense and watching the final images come to life definitely shows some creativity. 

Holding the young Wonder Woman up in the air for one of the many action shots they put together for the series.

The Project, carried out by Josh Rossi, of Josh Rossi Photography, features his daughter Nellee Rossi as the Amazonian Warrior Princess. The outfit was created by McGrew Studios and I have to say the likeness is unbeatable!

Recreation of one of the shots from the Trailer of Wonder Woman and it looks great!

Most of us when we were kids probably would have given just about anything to have this opportunity, I know this is how I visualized myself looking when I was in costume as a kid.  With the advancement of technology, it's now a reality that just about anyone can have and it looks like a ton of fun for everyone involved. We've seen this before with cosplay and even fantasy composite work from some well known artists in the community, but I don't know if anything was this epic or this darn cute. How many of you have tried to execute something like this? Post them up below in the comments! 

Images used with Permission

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Good on him...

But seriously, what is with the camera sound effect during the shoot? That has to have been added in post. Ummmm...yeah...

Actually that's the shutter noise from the Sony he's using, and he's wearing a lav mike on his shirt or collar, so when the camera is close to the mic it's picked up.

also, the popping of the flashes adds to the noise.

10-4 That makes total sense. Fair enough.

That is oh so cute and oh so cool! Great job.

Have Fun,

Looks better than the movies coming out soon!