Flickr Spotlight - Everyone Wants To Be Michael Phelps

Flickr Spotlight - Everyone Wants To Be Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in history. Best ever. He did something many people tried doing for many years, and his achievement will raise a whole new generation of people who will have a dream of being like him. Tomorrow we are going to see Michael Phelps competing for the last time, so there is no better time to dedicate a post to him. Here are 20 of the best images of swimmers found on Flickr.

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Photo: Rob Hammer.

Swimming in the Studio
Photo: Alleh Lindquist.

Photo: Kiley Ariail.

Swim Shoot - Butterfly
Photo: Drew.

Swimmer Portrait
Photo: Kyle Meadows.

Swim Team
Photo: Chad Coleman.

Photo: Ainsley Joseph.

The Swimmer
Photo: Anthony.

Hugo Butterfly
Photo: Alejandro Martín Parra.

slippery when wet
Photo: Patrick Crawford.

Jamie Eason
Photo: Greg Sims.

Photo: Federico Guendel.

triathlete - swim
Photo: Tom Jakubowski.

Amy Rose Santa Monica Beach
Photo: Joel Grimes .

Photo: Jeremy Snell.

Summer is the Champion
Photo: Elias and Theresa Carlson.

little merman
Photo: Tracie Taylor Photography.

Photo: Emily.

Swimmer Girl
Photo: Erik Reis.

Half kid, half bug [Explored]
Photo: Louise Bellin.

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Just had a chance to shoot Phelps, Lochte and a few others a couple months ago.

Noam Galai's picture

Awesome work!

Good to see Bolles still has a strong presence in swimming.  Nice shots.