Flickr Spotlight - Faceless Portraits

Flickr Spotlight - Faceless Portraits

No, relax, you're not going to see photos from recent zombie attacks (maybe next week?). Its just awesome looking faceless portraits. A face without eyes, mouth or a nose is not just weird, it also takes away any personality from the photographed person, which makes the photos even more special and unique. So, which is your favorite?

Exchange Your Face
Photo: Nathan Spotts.

365 Self Portraits: Day 80 - Faceless
Photo: Miranda.

Photo: Kathryn.

Photo: Michal Beer.

Can't Read My Poker Face - 26.365
Photo: Sadie Robinson.

Photo: horriblecherry.

Damn! I Can't Find It
Photo: Ben Heine.

I Rise
Photo: J.T. Noriega.

Photo: Hans Peter.

31 = tridtsat' odin
Photo: Isa...Eva.

Faciem Minus 1
Photo: Ash Zombola

Photo: Caitlyn Penke.

Photo: Jazmine Palmer.

we won
Photo: Shelby Hall.

Photo: Abbydroster.

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Is it me or these pics are super creepy. I used to have nightmares about a faceless man .

well, I guess i don't need to sleep tonight.. 

Julio's picture

Not sure if this is such a great thing with all the face eating going on... Another attack in Louisiana...Especially the last pic of the poor girl who looks like she got beaten then got her face eating off!!! 

Tam Nguyen's picture

Really wish I hadn't clicked on this link from my Google Reader :(

shane's picture

this is a really good one, i like it more than most of the above!

Thanks !

Weird. They don't look easy to do either.

Horrifying. Not a fan. To each his own though.

i absolutely love these! it reminds me of my sketches since I don't draw faces. the amish never put faces on their toy dolls to show that in God's eyes everyone is created equal..

John Godwin's picture

All of these are pretty terrible. The thought process here seems to be along the lines of: "I couldn't find anything decent to steal off the internet, so here's a bunch of lame shit I got from a Flickr group!"

Noam Galai's picture

Thanks for a great constructive comment.
Maybe its not your style, but some of those photos are truly amazing. and btw - its not stealing... but whatever :)

Some of these look great..The ones that put deep thought into the shadows and textures are just amazing.

Others just a blur that just doesn't fit.