June's Best Facebook Group Photos

June's Best Facebook Group Photos

Week after week, month after month I am continually blown away by the talent pool found in our Fstoppers Facebook Group. What is more stunning is the level of improvement seen from members. I have watched those who went from boring, amateur, flawed images in January improve to jaw dropping, heart stopping dramatic masterpieces of posing and light in June. This past month has seen a slough of outstanding images, each truly great on their own merit.






Von Alexander Halder


Tiran Winston


Paul Ferradas


Maximilian Juan Rivera


Matt Tinney


Kris Wu Casinillo


Jordan Soler


Jonathan Thorpe


Jonathan Tamayo


John Flury


Gus Baldado


Geoff Ridenour


Erik McRitchie


Dexter Maneja


Chris Zupo


Chris Lambeth


Bono Vox


Bill Gekas


Arjan Bruinstroop


Allan Gordon


Alistair Nicol


Congratulations everyone, and thanks to all our Fstoppers Facebook Group members for showcasing their work. Want your photography featured? Want to show the Fstoppers Featured Photo Award on your website? All you have to do is upload your best photos to our Fstoppers Facebook Group every month. Just make a statement with your image and you could end up featured here.

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Andrew Barros's picture

i love De’Jon Howerton's, Chris Lambeth's, and Bono Vox's shots. wow.

Andrew In's picture

De’Jon Howerton
didn't take the photo he took JJ Batte's shot and put some stupid graphics over it........

jonathan thorpe's picture

ah thank you once again! this is my third feature!

The only thing I don't like about this post is I can't click on photos/photographer links to see more of their stream. Awesome work everyone!

Chris Lambeth's picture

facebook.com/cldesignandphotography or www.chrislambeth.com :) 

Jordan Soler's picture

Thank you very much for publishing my photo ! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have some questions. Thanks a lot !

Jonathan Tamayo's picture

thank you for featuring me! :D

amazing images :) Woman presence on the images in many / most cases :) they do bring magic to images that's for sure. That shot of fire is just mind boggling. 

Chris Lambeth's picture

Yes! Mine was featured!! Feel free to check out more of my work. www.chrislambeth.com or facebook.com/cldesignandphotography

Geoff Ridenour's picture

Awesome work everyone!

Alistair Nicol's picture

Wow.  Thank you for featuring my long exposure photo of the pier.  I posted it to see if anyone could guess where it was, because I got such great comments on my first shot which was of a different pier.  I guess I need to share more.  I don't think anyone knew the location. :)

Thanx guys. What a pleasant surprise! 

De’Jon Howerton is a fraud, stolen photo without the original photog's consent. Original here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbsoxb/3104219106/in/set-72157626030375000

 Please give J. J. Batte credit and not De’Jon Howerton the fraud.

So is it common practice to allow stolen photos?

Armin H. Ausejo's picture

Too bad De’Jon Howerton's didn't start as his own.


Credit needs to go where it's due.

Jordan Donnelly's picture

De’Jon Howerton's photo is stolen from JJ Batte Photography!!

Linhbergh Nguyen's picture

I hate to say this but De’Jon Howerton's photo isn't actually his. The BMW and background was shot by JJ Batte, an LA based photographer. I believe this is a case of stolen photo and credit and would need to go to that tumblr blog you guys posted last week. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbsoxb/3104219106/in/set-72157626030375000

Shame on De'Jon. SHAME.


Stealing photo's and taking credit for it is so lame, I actually thought there was only one scumbag carphotographer...

Philip Tieu's picture

How much do I have to change in order to claim copyright in someone else's work? Only the owner of copyright in a work has the right to prepare, or to authorize someone else to create, a new version of that work. Accordingly, you cannot claim copyright to another's work, no matter how much you change it, unless you have the owner's consent. See Circular 14, Copyright Registration for Derivative Works.

Lauren Jonas's picture

Hey guys - thanks for letting us know. The image has been taken down completely.

Andrew In's picture

Until you take down the collage at the title it hasn't

Andrew In's picture

thank you

Lauren Jonas's picture

Had Jaron change the main image. It's down now! :)

Clint Davis's picture

Thanks to JJ Batte, De'Jon Howerton is famous!... in an infamous hateful scumbag kinda way.

This was amazing! LC for life!

Dale Martin's picture

Not nice to steal DeJon!!!!!!!!!

Thou hath tasted the LC Kraken.

Jaron Schneider's picture

UPDATE: De'Jon purchased the image from a stock photography site. He did not steal it. That said, he is not in the wrong. If JJ Batte did not register his image for resale, he needs to take that up with the stock photography company, which he has been made aware of. 

Steve Demmitt's picture

So JJ Batte has to take it up with some imaginary stock photography company because De'Jon can't provide the stock photography company he bought it from. Makes total sense.....

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