Photographer Shoots Fashion Images on Top of the World's Deepest Lake

Photographer Shoots Fashion Images on Top of the World's Deepest Lake

A photographer has released a captivating collection of images combining elements of both landscape and fashion, as she photographs models wearing extravagant dresses atop the deepest lake in the world, located in southern Siberia, Russia, which remains frozen for most of the year.

Kristina Makeeva is the genius behind the enticing photo series. She has been visiting Lake Baikal to shoot the pictures, which fall into a genre she calls “magical realism.” Contrasting the cold blue of the ice, Makeeva uses poses, props, and color to really make her images pop. She says her inspiration stems from growing up in the dull suburbs of Moscow, which she often wanted to escape, hence how she fell into creating magical landscapes. Many of her photos are single frames, although some are composites, and she says the focus is always on expressing emotion.

Now, SmugMug Films has shared a seven-minute video, entitled “Imagination Unbound,” which explores the work shared by Makeeva. It gives an insight into her mind, workflow, and creative decisions. The company said of the photographer:

Kristina Makeeva dreams with her eyes open. Giving life to her whimsical imagination as a child, she reimagines the sprawling wilds of Siberia as dreamscapes where anything feels possible. Contrasting natural light and settings with surreal subjects and pops of technicolor, Kristina captures what happens when you blur the line between the tangible and intangible, the ethereal and the real, when you stop seeing and start dreaming.

If you enjoyed these, You can see more of her work at SmugMugFlickr, and Instagram.

All images by Kristina Makeeva and used with permission.

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gonsa sba's picture

Amazing work and creativity!

Alex Cooke's picture

These are so neat and creative.

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Amazing and fabulous. It’s scary to imagine how much work the author put in it, but all these pictures was worth it! I am also engaged in the design of simple useful things like Brochures, Invitations and different templates accelerate of people on but just looking at works like these, I realized how much more remains to be learned for designing such beautiful things

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Pure magic is just a ton of hard work.
This is highly motivating set of images. All that thinking and planning and execution. Simply wow!

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These are incredible. Beautiful and inspiring