[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #3 – 15 Images Of Splashing Drinks

This week I chose to feature some awesome splashing drinks photos. No, not the usual water-drop pictures, when I say splashing i mean splashing. There is something very interesting about all that mess, don't you think? Check out these great images and tell us which one is your favorite from this set in the comments. Ready? dive in!

Splash & Tirami - Su
Photo: Thomas "Dongga".

Coffee Splash !
Photo: Cornelius Unbehaun.

pushing through.
Photo: Vitaliy Piltser.

Snow Splash Coffee
Photo: Philipp Hilpert.

They finally found something that does the work of 10 men: A Woman!
Photo: Mrs. Squarepants.

Läggerli  & Nespresso
Photo: Thomas "Dongga".

Cookie Splash #1
Photo: ART DODA.

Cookie Splash Extreme
Photo: Ed McGowan.

On the Crest of a Wave
Photo: Callissa.

078/365 Ice Cold Beer Splash
Photo: Matthew Coughlin.

Cookie splash! v3
Photo: Siebe Warmoeskerken.

Cookie Splash II
Photo: Guido Musch.

A Fat Tire Splash - Cheers!
Photo: Saaty Photography.

ed hardy & splash one I
Photo: Thomas "Dongga".

Coffee Splash #2
Photo: Sid Black.

In case you missed my posts from earlier this month, My name is Noam (yeah, from The Stolen Scream) and I’m one of the latest addition to the Fstoppers team. Each week I’ll be bringing you some of the most interesting, amazing and unique photos from Flickr. If you have any theme suggestions, or even photos you think should be included in future stories – feel free to comment on the bottom, or write to me here – I will read each and every suggestion you have!

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Euan Rannachan's picture

I tried one of these after seeing Siebe Warmoeskerken work. The dude has perfected these... Anyway here was my attempt.

Vitaliy Piltser's picture

Thank you for featuring my image! Real treat to be on here after following this site for such a long time =)

Benicio Murray's picture

lovely stuff. I do prefer the ones that look more natural and not so staged