[Pics] Flickr Spotlight #5 – Amazing Kissing Couples Photos

In honor of Valentines day, this week we decided to feature 15 amazing images of love. Or more specifically - Kissing. There are a lot of kissing images out there, some known and some are less - here you get a chance to see some of the best unknown photos on the net. We all hope you had a great Valentines day and spent it with someone special.

I want you to feel it.
Photo: SunnyMarry

The couple
Photo: AndWhyNot

New year’s eve 2012
Photo: Guy Prives

Caught in the rain.
Photo: Daniel Stark

Till Death Do Us Part*
Photo: John Mueller

loving you.
Photo: Mônica Fadul

[how can a photographer fall in love]
Photo: Livia Lazar

Photo: Yanire Fernandez

Before Sunset
Photo: James Yeung

~225/365~ A Better Peep Show
Photo: Wade Langley

Photo: Thanh Nguyen

The Kiss
Photo: Albarracin Jorge

Photo: Lidia Camacho

Photo: Josh Deaton

young adult friction
Photo: Cari Ann Wayman

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Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

The second one from the top is my favorite. 

Very nice pictures, I really like the full group! That picture is full of details, and I like almost all of them :-)

Samuel Joubert's picture

Great collection Noam! Thanks for sharing :)

why is every photograph so heterosexual. it saddens me.