Apocalypse Now: Collection of End Of The World Photos

Apocalypse Now: Collection of End Of The World Photos

As you all know, today is the last day of earth as we know it. Its the end of the world. So there is no better time than now to feature some great apocalypse photos - just in case its still calm where you live and you want to see how it looks around the world. Any recommendations for a spot to shoot the end of the world from?

Have photos of the apocalypse you want to share with us? feel free to post them on our Facebook Group.

327 - / 365 "Just like paradise ..."
Photo: Drummy Stiltskin.

cashier from hell
Photo: Stéphane Giner.

Apocalypse now
Photo: Ashish Malhotra.

The Zone
Photo: Chris Dessaigne.

Dystopia - Infinite Domain
Photo: Chris Dessaigne.

Fallen Trees
Photo: Revelation Space.

Road to hell
Photo: Andreas Levers.

Apocalypse now! (Do androids dream of electric cows?)
Photo: Johannes Manjrekar.

Photo: Ji Yeon So.

Photo: Russell Kuch.

after the end
Photo: AndreasS.

Composite of the Apocalypse
Photo: Raymond Larose.

Neue Regel
Photo: Chris Dessaigne.

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Thank you for grabbing the one I did of my son - first time I've been mentioned in an FS post!  

Merl Box's picture

The last one looks like a poster for Breaking Bad!

Tried to post to FB group but it's down? Hope this link goes thru, would like to share my contribution: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151309288142342&set=a.2351...

Thank you! 


Noam Galai's picture

link was broken - fixed now!

Harvey MacIntosh's picture

These are shocking...

Ralph Hightower's picture

Fun photographs. I participate in the Flickr film group, A Roll in a Day, and we're covering the Mayan Apocalypse and post apocalyspe.