If You Like Dogs, This Photoshoot Is For You

Fred Conrad is a photographer who has been working for the NY Times for over 34 years. Recently he attended the Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show and photographed every single breed of dog at the show. His setup was basically a white backdrop, a ring flash, and a photek softlighter. I've always thought dog shows like this are a bit insane (watch the mockumentary Best in Show for a good laugh), and Fred has captured not only interesting portraits of dogs but also some of the most wild haircuts I've ever seen of dogs. Check out Snoop Dogg the Bedlington Terrier and all the rest over at the interactive online gallery.

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Daniel Johansson's picture

Nah, I pass on downloading and installing something to see something.

Patrick Hall's picture

um, downloading the latest flash player?

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Strange, I can't see the video... Running Safari 5.0.3 on MacOS 10.6.6

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ok when you click on full post, it works

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Fred looks like he had fun with this. Some of this dogs are hilarious and some of them are just plain cool. My personal favorites are Elvis, (Black and Tan Coon Hound) and Cisco (German Shorthaired Pointer). Looks like a couple of the owners/handlers were a bit obsessive. Nice post...Keep up the good work with your blog. -- Matt

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Great video.. love the time spent with the one owner discussing the "show side".. love it.

Should checkout http://www.timflach.com/ if you enjoy any sort of dog photography.


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Strange that I can't view this video in my system, I'm running Mac osx leopard too, using chrome browser. it shows video temporary unavailable.

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That was fun to watch!
Thank you.

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the video not working too
windows xp +firefox

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Not sure what to say, it's on the New York Time's site and it might depend on browser, geographic location, or OS.

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