Pro Photographers Showing How To Shoot Effectively

I thought this was a cool retrospective video that DigitalRev put together using clips from their old episodes of Cheap Camera Challenge. This piece essentially shows how some veteran shooters keep composed when faced with on-set challenges. Everything from face-planting onto concrete while trying to take a photo to dealing with deadly snakes just inches away

It's a really interesting point to be made. So many photographers get caught up in trying to have the perfect gear, but forget how important it is to keep a calm and tactical mind. That's why I love the Cheap Camera Challenge series. It shows how pros work with their environment to take good photos, even when they have "bad" equipment.

Funny enough, I was posting about this video before I realized that I'm in there about 5 minutes in. You can check out my old episode of Cheap Camera Challenge here (shameless plug).

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Some of those photos turned out amazingly well.
It would be pretty funny to do a control test with a client trying to sell photography services.

1. From a newb with a $1000+ camera and a pro with a $10 camera.