These Woman Only Look Beautiful Upside Down

These Woman Only Look Beautiful Upside Down

Don't believe this is the same image? I didn't either and that's why I created an animated gif to prove it. The Thatcher effect is a phenomenon where it becomes difficult to detect local feature changes in an upside down face. This strange human glitch was named after Margaret Thatcher, whose image this was first tested on. These images were taken by Anuschka Blommers and Niels Schumm for the new Dove Campaign. You'll have to watch it a few times to believe it for yourself.

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That gif may be the most mesmerizing thing since the girl spinning in a circle. Clockwise or counterclockwise?!? Hot or not?!

I think they look pretty freaky either way.

Their eyes are pasted upside down.

As is their mouth, which is the way to create these images...

The point is that when they are upside down, nothing looks odd, its not until they are flipped right side up that the changes take shape. Did you not notice the lips as well?

 Um, what do you mean, when they're upside down nothing looks wrong?

Yeah, I still think they look weird upside down. Maybe not as weird, but still. 

It is not only their eyes, but also their mouths that are pasted upside down.

the image is the same but the eyes and the lips are upside down to start with!

so mister lee morris go find yourself an idiot to fool with!

What? I can't tell if some of you (especially on Facebook) are joking. Obviously the images have been photoshopped. That is the whole point of the illusion. 

You clearly don't get it. Find one? Doesn't look like that will be necessary!

See this illusion in the following TED talk by Taryn Simon:

Staring at around the 11 minute mark where she discusses how photography has been involved in falsifying "truth" rather than elucidating it... she ends with the same upside down thing as this article... and puts it in a frightening context.

A disappointingly old trick. I'd expect better from fstoppers. What are you going to show us next, a magic eye picture?

I love when haters choose the most popular post of the week and claim it's old and boring. 

Wow, lots of negativity.. I happen to think this is intriguing. Our brains are very unpredictable scientifically.. Reminds me of the photographer's work that was two faces from portrait - a left and a right, reflected to make perfect symmetry, and the two versions of the person were vastly different.

And, if there was a magic eye to follow, it could still be relevant to photography and illusion, which a healthy understanding of could lead to.... wait for it... ah yes.. - more INTERESTING pictures.

Or hate. It's cool.

Very neat Lee. Keep up the good work.

hahaha that gif is nuts

i thought it was pretty cool... why all the hate???? 

"i prefer these girls right side up ..." - Jerrit Pruyn 


Yeah it all makes sense if you quit your bitching for a second. The reason it looks normal is because when they are upside down, their previously inverted features now appear normal as they are actually oriented correctly. Much the same way someone might look weird when you turn a normal picture upside down. 

Ever since I flipped a catalog sideways and realized that the model (who was laying down in the photo) didn't look near as pretty right side up, this sort of thing has fascinated me. I mean, I realize it isn't quite the same thing, but the way our brains perceive things is amazing. 

This explains my terrible luck with women in kindergarten. I was always hanging around the monkey bars.

this is called the thacter illusion, it was made by a lady who did not like lady thacter, the first lady in the british parliment. so she flipped her eyes and mouths the other way round

obviously cause their eyes and mouth is flipped =p