Swimsuit Modeling Photography Tips, Joey Wright BTS Episode 3

Swimwear Photography with Joey Wright Behind The Scenes continues today with Episode 3. In last week's episode we started filmed the first lesson of the entire tutorial but in this episode we cover 3 full days of filming. 

The first section that we cover in this video is Joey's lesson on posing. I assumed that this section would take an hour to film and we would edit it down to around 20 minutes. In reality this lesson took 5 hours to film and we ended up editing it down into 1.5 hours. It's honestly one of the best photography lessons I've ever seen. Joey's attention to detail was on another level and after learning from him, I will never overlook a model's posing in any of my photographs again. 

Our next major lesson was on reflectors and we decided to visit a new beach just for this chapter. While we were filming one of the lessons with Lisa, we noticed one guy standing directly behind our model. This section of the behind the scenes, which we call "touch your toes," was so funny that we decided to export it as it's own video. 

When we filmed it nobody knew what was going on because we were the only ones with a telephoto lens pointed in that direction. That night, I went to sleep early and was suddenly woken up by everyone in the house screaming. Patrick had pulled up the "touch your toes" video and had shown everyone, including Lisa, for the first time. Everyone thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. 

This episode ends with everyone eating Papaya. Although both Mela and Lisa said it tasted great, I can assure you it didn't. Everyone else at the table agreed it tasted like a smelly foot. Last week I was in Costa Rica and I tried Papaya again, and I really liked it. Something was obviously wrong with our Papaya in Curacao, and Mela and Lisa don't have working taste buds. 

To learn more about the full swimwear photography tutorial you can go to the Fstoppers Store and make sure you tune in for next week's video; we continue knocking out lesson after lesson and the hilarity continues. 

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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Joey seems like a really funny and awesome dude to party with! I love what all of you are doing, keep it coming! thnx :)

No way, these girls are much funnier than Joey, with far too much personality for swimwear models. Fstoppers, can you release a BTS video with just the female models alone? You know, without seeing Joey or any of the bearded fstoppers staff?

Much obliged! :-)

Nice, we have pretty hard light on the islands but it's great to work with just one island further on Bonaire

just added "pop dem titties" to my repertoire of phrases to direct models :P hahahaha Tnx Joey

...gotta love it

Love these BTS videos.

You guys can not do too many scenes with Mela in them! Just sayin'... ;)

Love Mela! Hoping to see some Baby Sea Turtle.

Drones seem to dramatically increase the production values of everything don't they?
Great video once again guys!