Three Common Misconceptions of Beginner Photographers

Beginning the journey of learning to be a photographer is overwhelming. If you have no background in photography, you are learning a whole new world of terms and techniques from an abundance of information that is often confusing and conflicting. We’ve all been there. Most experienced photographers can often pinpoint common themes when comparing their own experience starting out with others who are now doing the same.

Mango Street recently published a video noting three common misconceptions that they see in photographers, especially those in the beginning stages. These specific misconceptions are attributed to both misunderstand photography language, as well as mindsets that can be produced from watching and listening to others in the industry. First, Mango Street covers a common mistake that they see about understanding what manual mode actually is. This is helpful for those who are likely very new to photography. They then discuss two topics that can be applied to a more broad range of photographers, and not merely the beginner. First is a section on sharing a photo’s camera settings with others and their opinions on how helpful that actually is. Finally, they finish their video discussing if it is professional or not to purchase presets for editing your images. 

This video is short, but it covers a couple of topics that are great points for all photographers. It is definitely worth watching to see what you think about the points they discuss.

[via Mango Street]

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Gary Simmons's picture

#2 is my personal pet-peeve... Every photo shown a camera club is met with this question, as if it is the only magic sauce required to recreate what the photographer is done. I try to get people to change the question to... Which is the most important of the settings here, and why?

Tim R's picture

Yes this portrait photo was taken with ISO 8000, f/18, @ 1/4000

Blake Weber's picture

LOL did you really just sensor the dog? What world do we live in where adults watching a professional photography tutorial are offended by nude pets!? Maybe this is a sign I need to invest in the 'dog pants' industry. I'm assuming you did that as a joke because its actually hilarious.

chrisrdi's picture

Maybe it was meant as a joke???? I thought it was funny lol.

Ralph Hightower's picture

Yea, they did blur their dog's naughty bits. Next time, they shouldn't use him as a centerfold.

Tim R's picture

Probably because youtube would take it down due to doggy d*ck

Alex Cooke's picture

It's a running joke from their other videos. Carlton rocks! :)

Ralph Hightower's picture

Well, until I bought a DSLR, I had to manual focus. Sometimes with my DSLR, I have to switch from AF to MF because it focused on foreground objects when I wanted focus past that or with the lighting, AF just wasn't working great.

Dennis Baker's picture

#1 - Inexperienced photographers will be confused by your mixing of "manual focus" and "manual exposure."