Watch What Happens When a Model and Photographer Switch Roles

Photographers stand behind the camera and models stand in front of it. It's been that way since the dawn of time (or at least cameras). This fun video examines what happens when you switch those roles and the kind of results you'll get.

Coming to you from Matt Granger, this video is a lighthearted look at what happens when the model is handed the camera and the photographer is put in front of it. While the model, Steph, is a bit unsure of the more technical aspects of operating the camera, she quickly gains more confidence in her posing ability, translating what she's used to doing in front of the camera to instructions for her new model. And the photographer, Matt, is clearly a bit nervous at first, but also seems to settle in a bit. While it's all fun to watch the two work together, I think this does highlight a very important point: it takes talented, knowledgeable, and committed people in every role to make a successful final product, and no one person is expendable or more important than another. I think it further highlights that a good working relationship between everyone involved makes all the difference. 

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Rex Jones's picture

Haha, this is awesome!! I might just have to try my own!

Finn Olesen's picture

:-) here the model was the Photographer
After we finished her shot, I thought I needed a new profile picture

Frank Thomas's picture

I think she made a pretty good job of it considering!