What Are Lenticular Images You Ask? Find Out How To Make One

Maybe I'm behind the times but when I came across this video sponsored by Red Bull Illume, I had no idea what I was about to watch. Photographer Dan Vojtěch teaches you how you too can make a moving lenticular image while he photographs professional wakeboarder Sasha Christian. The software he uses is the 3D Masterkit by Triaxes if you want to try to create one of these yourself. It's definitely a cool effect especially when you can get different shots of your subject in the exact same pose.

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Nice video. We were studying this for a client early last year. They didn't get it. There are some old Starwars posters done like this that you would really enjoy.

Wow I had no idea you could do this at home

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this had me thinking the same, Lee. I've been looking at ways of making glasses-less 3D prints, and I have actually been looking at lenticular printing recently. I thought it was going to be horrifyingly expensive to make lenticular prints, but having seen this, I'm very pleasantly surprised.

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This is pretty awesome :)

i wonder how many frames can you fit in one lenticular image?

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Back when I worked at Lentec we were working with up to 32 images to create very high quality images for advertising displays and product concepts for clients like Timex. We were starting with medium format negatives - not 35mm - for those kinds of shots.

Tom, Do you know anyone that might have an Autotrak for sale? I know someone looking to buy.

Jack Fleming - 269-352-7912

Where do you buy the foil (or whatever) he sticks atop the image?

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Totally cool video.. Thanks for sharing.  Could you please describe your lighting setup? Am I correct in saying, beauty-dish for key light then three other lights pointed at subject.  One from behind left of model and two others behind right?

COol! I didnt know you could do that at home either.. where do you buy the prism foil?

On a slightly related note: Red Bull Illume is sick!  I saw the exhibition in Denver and it was amazing.  The book that is available is by far the best action sports book I've ever seen.  $40 well spent!

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These would make the most amazing business cards! 


wow my fellow singaporean! young but talented wakeboarder!

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Surely, I wasn't the only one having flashbacks to his Sportsflix trading cards from 20 years ago...

I realise that Theo has already asked this question but I would really like to know where to get the foil. 
I have searched online but not managed to find anything!