Adobe Launches Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Premiere Rush Updates

Adobe Launches Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Premiere Rush Updates

Adobe has updated Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Premiere Rush with a number of new features and improvements.

Premiere Pro’s headline feature is Auto Reframe, an AI powered tool to reformat existing footage for a range of aspect ratios. For example, you can take your 16:9 footage and have it automatically panned and cropped to a square or even vertical format. This effect can be applied to clips or whole sequences, and can be manually refined if necessary.

Premiere has also received a number of feature expansions and improvements to the range or versatility of existing tools. For example, time remapping now allows for a ramp of up to 20,000%, while audio gain can be increased by +15dB.

Along with the tool improvements, the program has received a number of speed improvements. Playback of formats like H264, HEVC, and Apple ProRes have all been improved. ProRes HDR can see improvements of up to 10x. Faster scrolling in the project panel can also accelerate your workflow.

After Effects has seen a number of performance improvements, including support for real-time playback of cached previews, faster shapes, and faster Content-Aware fill.

Premiere Rush, Adobe’s cross-platform video editor, has received a number of updates as part of Adobe’s partnership with TikTok. Interestingly, this is the first third-party app that supports direct publishing to TikTok, bringing a far more in-depth editing experience to the platform. TikTok’s unconventional 9:16 aspect ratio isn’t a problem for Premiere Rush, which supports changing and exporting to that ratio in one click. 

With Premiere Rush supporting Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, the app has really become a major player in the mobile video editing space. All of Rush’s existing tools, including 100s of motion graphics, color filters, and transitions are easy to use.

Overall, the host of updates brings a number of good quality-of-life features to the platform. I’m personally excited to try out Auto Reframe, as past AI-powered tools have delivered extremely impressive results.

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2 fb groups I frequent, all day everyday posts about errors with premiere. Some user error im sure but not all. And there are so many. Instead "video/dslr editing" they should call it "premiere error help group"

Le sigh... when will Adobe get it?

They do get it. They get everyones money and dont care

Any chance for a Lightroom Classic update that improves performance? Hahaha

Are you running the latest LR update? The expanded GPU support from a few weeks ago helped my performance with a 2070.

Like alex said, you can great performance, just run the lasted update... And buy a 2070 card.. Thats all

I do run the latest version. I didn't know that a 2070 card would make the start screen disappear faster. On average 1+ minute these days. And yes I do run it from an SSD. With an i7 8700K. And 32 GB RAM. But stupid me only has a 1060 card pfffff.

Startup isn't going to be related to GPU performance. Are you running both the program and catalog from a SSD? I just checked and it's 9 seconds from click to splash disappearing for me, but it can be significantly longer if it needs to spin up sleeping hard drives.

I anticipated this kind of questions and already wrote that I'm running everything from SSD ;) The GPU is also not going to speed up exports, sometimes it takes more than a minute to export one single RAW to Jpeg.

Mentioned the SSD because if any part of that chain (Catalog, program, files themselves) relies on HDD, it can require it to spin up. Those times are crazy slow - that doesn't seem normal to me.

Wait. I thought everyone already shot vertically on the iphone because it's the best camera ever. Why do you need to make vertical video vertical?

Right. Let's see Premiere make a 16:9 frame from your vertical iPhone footage. Now THAT would be impressive. ;-)

Give content aware fill enough time and it may be able to make a 16:9 fill out of no footage,