[Controversy] Did FHM Maliciously Degrade Veena Malik's Image?

Now this is an interesting story. Lately there has been a ton of controversy and debate about the role of photoshop in today's advertising market. FHM (For Him Magazine) just published their December issue with Pakistani cover model Veena Malik wearing what appears to be nothing. But that's not the full story; also pictured on the cover is Veena baring the tattoo "ISI" which refers to the rather polarizing Pakistani intelligence group. Pakistani's are outraged both because of the ISI reference and also because of Venna's lack of modesty displayed on the US men's magazine. It is quite common for photographers to shoot "implied nude" images with models actually wearing clothing (and the visible piece photoshopped out), but Veena claims the magazine maliciously manipulated her cover shoot without her permission. As for the ISI reference, well apparently both FHM and Veena were in agreement on the controversial art work with Veena making recommendations on how it should be drawn on her arm. Stories like this happen all the time but it's rare to see such a story with world wide appeal. What do you guys think? Read more about the full story on the BBC News page.

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here is another one ...     

I don't know what FHM is doing selling magazines in those countries in the first place. this shows us clearly that they can't handle it.

I'm going to put my money on the fact that she did not read the model release that she signed.  =)
I'm positive FHM has their butts covered when it comes to this especially with some of the risque pics they take AND the celebrities that don't always look that hot straight out of the camera.  I think she is SOL.

She got paid, she got backlash, she is trying to save face with her country of origin. Why are you even selling magazines of women like this in middle eastern countries?

It's a US magazine. Never said it was released in Pakistan, which means someone saw it online or something of that nature and it blew up.