Customize Your Lightroom End Marks

Here is a great little video by the people over at SLR Lounge that really has nothing to do with productivity, speed, or even making you a better photographer. It's just cool feature that allows you to brand your Lightroom with your own logo, making the entire program appear custom to your own business.

Did you know that you can customize the end marks in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom? I think pretty much everyone knows how to change the pre-loaded end marks, but in this video, our friends over at SLR Lounge explain how you can add your own custom designed end mark to your Lightroom catalog! No, it doesn't serve any real "practical" purpose, but since when does creativity always have to be practical?  It's really quite a simple process, you just create a design in Photoshop, and save it as a PNG (particularly if you have transparency in your design), then upload it into Adobe Lightroom. Of course the SLR Lounge folks explain it in a little bit more detail.

Here is a look at my custom end mark.


Have you played around with custom end marks?  If so, show off your flare and post them in the comments below!

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