Free Training: Learn All The New Features of Photoshop CS6

If you are like me, you probably update to new versions of Photoshop only to not take advantage of any of the new features. Learning new techniques on your own time is always time consuming. This week(end) only, our friends at CreativeLIVE are offering a free download of Lesa Snider's CS6 course (normally $79) which is Live now! Lesa covers all of the new features like Puppet Warp, Liquify, Lighting Effects, Video, and Content Aware as well as some basic tools you might already know about. Details are in the full post below:

Lesa Snider is the author of Photoshop CS6: The Missing Manual. I just watched the sample video above and can say Lesa is very easy to understand and quite engaging. I was able to learn a few tips myself on the Content-Aware Tool after watching just 10 mins (watching great teachers is always refreshing). Lesa's workshop is long so you need to plan some time to watch it, but it's nice to see thorough courses like this online for free.

If you have recently updated to Adobe Photoshop CS6 or just want to refresh your understanding of some of the tools, this seminar is a no brainer. To watch the free class, click the Enroll button below. This workshop is only free until Sunday so check it out while you can ($79 is still a fair deal for training like this).

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Patrick, thanks for the link.  I don't see anything about a free download, just free access to the live course of which this is the last day.  Can you point me to where the free download is?


JaviER's picture

you are correct, I think is just free to watch live, not the download...

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Yeah you are right, it's not actually a download but rather a stream.  The course is happening now (which is free to watch) and they will be rerunning it all weekend.  Hope that makes it more clear.  

Not a free download...Just thought I would say that

this is a free trial download ......  like always was.....