Hilarious New Animal Species Created in Photoshop

Hilarious New Animal Species Created in Photoshop

Thanks to redditor Gypp and his amazing sense of humor and creativity in photoshop, the world now has an abundant new array of animals to appreciate. How would you like a Guinea Lion or a Purilla to be roaming in your neighborhood?  Which one would you keep as a pet?





Killer Penguin

photoshop animals together new species-1



photoshop animals together new species-2


Slawkphotoshop animals together new species-3


photoshop animals together new species-4


Proboscirdphotoshop animals together new species-5


Guinea Lionphotoshop animals together new species-6


Guinea Bearphotoshop animals together new species-7


Snorsephotoshop animals together new species-8


photoshop animals together new species-9


Heaglephotoshop animals together new species-10


Guineaglephotoshop animals together new species-11


Shorsephotoshop animals together new species-12


Spider Pigphotoshop animals together new species-13


Guorsephotoshop animals together new species-14



photoshop animals together new species-15


Slearphotoshop animals together new species-16


Purillaphotoshop animals together new species-17


Elephuckphotoshop animals together new species-18


Shugphotoshop animals together new species-19


Check out more of Gyyp's work through reddit.

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adobe is bad!!!

read this scarry stuff about adobe:


This is actually a bonus entry: The Irrelephant

The Island Of Dr. Moreau

Killer penguin lacks eyes, yet it doesn't seem to care. That frightens me. I don't want to get any part of me near those teeth.


not the most inspired name idea on the elephant creature :))... try pronouncing it out loud

My students just created their own creatures based on different adaptations... cant wait to show them this!

Please remove the Tapbird, Arne Olav used my owl image without my permission which was and is a violation of Copyright Laws. If it is not removed in a timely manner I will contact your Hosting Provider with a DMCA Takedown Notification.

Now MiaM, you just sound like a bitter pill, trying to spoil some harmless fun. You could have said "Wow! I love what you have done with my photo! Could you please contact me to discuss the logistics of correctly attributing this image?". But you opted for threats and hyperbole. How about relaxing and helping to keep the Internet the vibrant and creative place that it is? However, if the creator of these cool images has sought to achieve personal gain from editing yours, I will happily recant and join the lynch mob.

No Deon, I am not a bitter pill, I am someone who is protecting her copyrights as afforded by Copyright Laws. The creator of these images has admitted he made a mistake and removed the image file he created using my image from his own site. Everyone of these images were created by Arne Olav using images he admits he just took from Google Image Search. And yes, he was getting paid from advertisements on his site just as fstoppers is gaining revenue from images displayed here. Having Tapbird on 25+ Google search pages has reduced the value of my owl image.

Additionally, fstoppers does articles frequently on copyright infringements and image theft, it seems very hypocritical of them to feature a person who isn't a photographer and steals images to manipulate them into something the photographers never intended them to be. Very hypocritical.

Honestly, I don't think his work devalues your image at all. In fact, without it, I would never have heard of you, so you have gained exposure where, otherwise, you would not have! I do understand that having your images taken and re-used would be annoying, but in this case, I think you would have gained more by embracing the fun context of this, and ensuring attribution was given appropriately, rather than using words like violate, repeat offender and theft. It's not like Olav set out to rip anyone off...

Well, naughty people not understanding copyright and making money from it! But seriously, you could deal with this stuff in a better way than posting a public comment with what now appears like idle threats. Given that you posted this two months ago, and this content is still here...

You take amazing images, but to be honest, from your remark on this post, I took you for an amateur, as I didn't think your comment was a particularly professional way to deal with this issue.

I hope you get it sorted.

Deon, I have a very busy life and haven't had time to get back to this case of infringement, it isn't an idle threat at all. I have been in contact with fstoppers about this and unbelievably they didn't remove the image and said it was a derivative work, sorry but that doesn't fly with me. Yet the copyright law specifically addresses derivative works.

As far as being professional, do you honestly believe it is professional or ethical of fstoppers to showcase a repeat offender when they are so vocal about protecting copyrights? I don't think so.