How to Make a YouTube Video From Start to Finish

As a budding YouTuber myself, every time Peter McKinnon uploads a new video, I'm taking notes. His growth on YouTube has been nothing short of spectacular and a lot of this comes down to his ability to create videos that are visually engaging with great storytelling.

His use of a more cinematic style is becoming increasingly popular and more and more people are interested in his process. Fortunately, In McKinnon's latest video he describes in detail his workflow and how he makes his YouTube videos from start to finish. 

In this detailed and unconventionally long video, McKinnon describes the equipment he uses from cameras, lenses to even a few accessories that can help with the whole production. He also goes into the post-production, how he manages files and folders to ensure effective management. My favorite points are when he describes how he uses lighting to create a more interesting look. The use of gels and different colored lighting can help create separation and more engaging compositions. This use of lighting is something I will be trying in my videos and hope to continue improving my production. 

Check out the video for the full tutorial.

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Wes Jones's picture

I really enjoy watching his videos. Cheers!

Matt Allan's picture

I've been a big fan of Peter's for a long time now and he inspires me a lot.

gabe s's picture

Theres the daily McKinnon post. I really like his stuff, but its making me start to wonder if he is paying for some of this awareness.

Kyle Medina's picture

Or he's just that good and its worth sharing?

Usman Dawood's picture

Nope, he's not paying to have his stuff featured I'm just a genuine fan and find his content very useful.